Often simple is better!
This principle guides the creation of Noblesse Oblige’s specialty dishes. It is a principle that is always at the forefront when a dish is prepared and plated.
Simplicity, then: Paul Kler insists on it, as it can enhance the details of scents and the uniqueness of the individual flavours.
This is Noblesse Oblige’s cuisine. And this is also how the house’s crudités are prepared.
Crudités are one of the most important specialties of this Restaurant. Fresh fish, chosen personally by the chef every day, is cleaned and cut according to the best Japanese traditions. It is then accompanied by seasonal vegetables, cooked with top quality spices and condiments, in a constant quest for quality and sophisticated flavour.
Raw fish Plateau Royal, live lobster sashimi, scampi tartare with orange mirepoix, shrimp and vegetables tempura are only some of the raw dishes that Milan’s Noblesse Oblige restaurant offers for lunch or dinner, in a truly client-oriented venue.